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SARMs Stack: Best SARMs stack for bulking, cutting, and strength

In recent years, the topic of performance enhancers has started to change. As users move away from anabolic steroids, SARMs stacks have edged their way further into the picture.

But why?

Well, many athletes claim that SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) are a more natural, safer alternative to anabolic steroids. While there are certainly pros and cons to all performance enhancers, today we want to take a look at SARMs stacks, whether you’re heading into a bulking cycle, a cutting cycle or you’re focused on building strength.

Thoughts on SARMs aside, we’re here to determine the ultimate SARM stack, whatever your needs. In this article we’ll be covering:

  • Best SARMs stack for bulking
  • The best cutting stack
  • Post cycle therapy
  • SARMs and testosterone suppression
  • …Plus even more…

What are SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators)?

Not too dissimilar to anabolic steroids, SARMs are selective androgen receptor modulators, which target specific androgen receptors to encourage muscle growth.

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Most SARMs bind to the testosterone receptors, making them a key player in your bulking cycle. However, SARMs didn’t start out as a way to encourage lean muscle growth. SARMs were actually designed to treat muscle wasting diseases, such as osteoporosis, as well as HIV, COPD, last-stage kidney failure and heart failure.

Of course, once athletes began to notice that SARMs have the ability to help you gain lean muscle mass, they quickly found their way into the bodybuilding community.

Why use a SARMs stack?

Many consider SARM stacks on a whole new level than anabolic steroids. Not only due to their power to promote muscle gain, fat loss and strength gains, but they also claim that SARMs have fewer side effects than anabolic steroids.

But why is a potent SARMs stack so popular? Well, it all comes down to the benefits of each SARM. This means that the ultimate SARM stack reaps all the benefits of these potent SARMs.

Whether you’re in a bulking cycle or cutting cycle, stacking SARMs can help with the following:

  • Accelerate stubborn weight loss
  • They can speed up lean muscle mass growth
  • Improve density and hardness of muscles
  • Enhance your recovery rate
  • Increase strength and power
  • Further your workout capacity and endurance

So, is stacking SARMs the way to go?

With much fewer side effects than anabolic steroids, stacking SARMs can help to reduce body fat, boost muscle mass and help preserve muscle mass during a cut.

However, if you do decide to opt for a SARMs stack, you are going to need post cycle therapy after your cycle to fight back against testosterone suppression.

The best SARMs stacks for your cutting cycle

So, what’s the benefit of a cutting cycle SARMs stack?

The trouble is, we all know we need to be in a calorie deficit in order to lose body fat. But when we are, our strength and energy levels can feel a little sluggish.

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This is where a SARMs cutting stack comes in. Not only will a SARMs stack help with fat loss, but it’ll also help preserve muscle mass, so you won’t lose those hard-earned lean muscle gains.

By stacking during your cutting cycle, your energy levels can be elevated, giving you more strength, fat loss and muscle growth, without losing lean muscle.

But what’s the best SARMs stack for cutting?

Ostarine and Cardarine

Many SARMs users believe that Ostarine and Cardarine provide the ultimate SARM stack for your cutting cycle.

Why is this cutting stack so great?

Well, let’s take a look at what the two can do for fat loss.

Often considered one of the most potent SARMs stacks, the combination of Cardarine and Ostarine (MK 2866) can be highly effective in building muscle and preserving your muscle gains.

During a cut, it can be easy to lose size due to a caloric deficit – but when Ostarine is involved, this potent SARMs stack can help muscle development, even though you’re eating less.

Meanwhile, Cardarine – also known as GW 501516 – is actually a PPAR agonist. Cardarine is incredibly powerful as part of your cutting stack, kicking your body’s fat burning abilities into high gear, as well as increasing stamina and endurance.

Plus, Cardarine also gets to work incredibly quickly, so you’ll start to notice its anabolic effects pretty soon. While Ostarine promotes muscle mass growth, Cardarine makes cardio easier than ever, maximizing your caloric deficit to lose weight even easier.

Overall, these two popular SARMs help you to build lean muscle with ease, while burning fat faster than ever.

For this type of cutting stack, users recommend running it for eight weeks. Take both Ostarine and Cardarine between 10 and 20mg per day.

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After the eight weeks, it’s important to head into post cycle therapy for four to eight weeks, in order to restore your body’s natural testosterone levels.

The benefits of this ultimate SARM stack include:

  • Cardarine’s power to improve the process of fat oxidation over glycolysis, pushing your body to burn fat instead of carbs for fuel
  • While Ostarine helps improve body composition while forming new muscle growth and burning fat

SARMS triple stack

Another great way to accelerate fat loss during a cutting cycle is via a SARMs triple stack. This typically combines three popular SARMs: Andarine, Ostarine and Cardarine.

However, if you’re new to performance enhancers, you need to be careful of this incredibly potent SARMs stack.

  • Andarine and Ostarine will help you to maintain size and enhance your strength
  • While Cardarine will boost your physical performance and accelerate fat loss

However, this type of SARMs triple stack is only advised for experienced users. Some even choose to add SR9009 (Stenabolic) to this type of SARMs stack.

The best SARMs stack for bulking

If you’re looking to gain muscle mass, a SARMs stack has shown to be successful in building muscle tissue, reducing body fat and enhancing workout performance.

By binding to androgen receptors receptors, SARMs are able to maximize mass gain, increase bone density and increase muscular endurance. This makes it easier than ever to lift heavier weights and build muscle fibers that lead to massive muscle gains.

But when it comes to your bulking cycle, you want to know that you’ll be able to increase muscle mass, right?

Here’s our best SARMs stack for bulking:

Ligandrol and Testolone

When you want to kickstart protein synthesis and build muscle fast, the best SARMs stack for bulking is definitely a combination of Ligandrol (LGD 4033) and Testolone (RAD 140).

An LGD and RAD stack for bulking has become incredibly popular, and has shown to be effective even at a low dosage.

Some users report gaining up to 15lbs in two months during their bulking cycle with this SARMs stack, with effects showing after just one week.

For best results cycle RAD 140 and LGD 4033 stack for eight weeks. In terms of dosage:

  • LGD 4033 should be between 5 and 10mg
  • RAD 140 should be between 10 and 2omg

Popular safe and legal steroid and SARMs alternatives

Some of the best SARMs for a bulking stack


YK11 is often considered one of the best bulking stack SARMs around. Not only does it act like prohormones, but it also powerfully induces muscle synthesis – more so than any other SARM.

A form of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is produced naturally in our bodies, it also increases bone density and protein synthesis.

Ibutamoren (MK 677)

Although MK 677 is often seen in a bulking stack, it isn’t actually a SARM. Ibutamoren is a growth hormone secretor. While SARMs specifically target androgen receptors, MK 677 stimulates growth hormone and IGF-1 growth factor, leading to the stimulation of Ghrelin hormone to support gaining mass and muscle recovery.

Often, YK11, Testolone and Ibutamoren are used as part of a stack for bulking – although this is typically used by enhanced athletes. According to user experience, the correct dosage for eight weeks is:

  • YK 11 5mg per day
  • MK 677 20mg per day
  • RAD 140 10mg per day

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced muscle building
  • More muscle definition
  • Better strength
  • Boost in testosterone levels

Best SARMs stack for strength

Does a SARMs stack require post cycle therapy?

While there are certainly fewer side effects associated with SARMs, there are some things to look out for, including how they suppress your testosterone levels.

Whether it’s a SARMs stack for cutting, a bulking stack or using one SARM individually, they can suppress endogenous testosterone production.

This means it is crucial to go into post cycle therapy after your cycle (no matter what type of cycle), in order to help your body re-balance your testosterone levels.

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Better to be safe, than sorry!

Is it safe to stack SARMs?

Currently, SARMs are considered investigational compounds. This means that there is little research and clinical data backing their use – especially outside of medicine.

At the moment, unfortunately, their long term side effects aren’t completely known. While some users report not experiencing any side effects from short term use (of some SARMs), others report a variety of adverse effects.

If I were you, I’d steer clear, as even the best SARMs stack for cutting can have side effects. In addition, if you’re looking to compete, you may want to opt for legal SARMs.

The bottom line

If you’re looking to gain strength, maximize muscle building and burn fat – sure, a SARMs stack might be for you.

SARMs such as RAD 140 can be pretty powerful, though, which means they can have a negative impact on your testosterone levels.

Being a selective androgen receptor modulator, you can enjoy the ability to gain muscle faster than ever, but are the potential side effects worth it?

Here are just a few side effects to look out for, reported by real SARMs stack users:

  • Mood swings
  • Acne
  • High blood pressure
  • Skin rashes
  • Impotence
  • Eyesight problems
  • Headaches
  • Testosterone suppression

Stack the SAFE way with Brutal Force

why are steroids illegal in the us

We understand that you want to focus on muscle building, burning fat and maximizing your time in the gym.

But why not opt for safe, legal SARMs? With ZERO side effects.

We created our GOLIATH STRENGTH STACK for the ultimate SARM stack. Get ready to experience serious strength gains, muscle growth and endurance, so you can bulk up safely. Or why not check out our RIPPED CUTTING STACK for when you really want to get SHREDDED.

That’s right, legal SARMs are possible. All with 100% natural ingredients, no needles and ZERO side effects.

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The Brutal Force Team

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The Brutal Force Team

The Brutal Force Team

We research and write articles about health, fitness and dieting. Each of our articles includes sources from scientific studies where possible.