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Dianabol cycling the ultimate guide to Dbulk

We totally get it, you want to maximize your workouts and you want to get stacked. You want to hit the gym hard, see the results and cut the flab. Who wouldn’t?

When you’re working your ass off in the gym, you want to visibly see the proof of your training. But how? In order to cut fat and gain muscle, you’re going to need a Dianabol (Dbol) cycle.

Boosting your testosterone levels will allow you to maximize your results during bulking and cutting cycles. By now, you’ve more than likely heard about Dbol cycles from the guys at the gym. But what is the correct Dbol dosage? And how do you take Dianabol?

We explore Dianabol some more.

What is Dianabol (Dbol)?

An anabolic androgenic steroid, Dianabol (commonly called ‘Dbol’) is one of the fastest ways to build mass and strength. Sharing the same chemical compound (Methandrostenolone) as other popular anabolic steroids, such as Granabol and Anabol – Dbol cycles are typically used to increase effectiveness while reducing the risk of side effects.

Another perk, of course, is that Dbol cycles can be in both pill and injection form.

However, although known as ‘Dianabol’ this is actually the brand name of the drug released in the late 50s, aiding American athletes to enhance their athletic performance.

It’s no surprise that Dianabol cycles quickly become the go-to in aiding bodybuilders looking to rapidly gain muscle and burn fat. However, when doing a Dianabol cycle, there is a range of side effects you must be aware of.

Due to these daunting side effects of Dianabol, stacking Dbol is often considered as a route to reduce them, however, the risks won’t be completely gone.

What are the benefits of Dianabol?

There are three core areas in which Dbol works to influence muscle growth:

  • By boosting protein synthesis – increasing protein building, which results in muscle growth
  • Increasing nitrogen retention – allowing your body to maintain a positive nitrogen balance
  • Enhanced glycogenolysis – converting carbohydrate glycogen from muscle cells and the liver into glucose for energy use

How does Dianabol work?

When it comes down to why Dianabol cycles are so powerful, this is due to the drug’s ability to keep your body in a sustained anabolic state. Working to increase protein synthesis (as we touched upon just above), Dbol helps support muscle growth, while increasing muscle development and repair time.

The quicker your body repairs, the harder you can go in the gym, equalling massive gains.

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As we touched upon briefly, increasing nitrogen retention aids your body in using 100% of your protein intake for your muscles. The more nitrogen you retain, the more anabolic your body shall stay.

But why do so many bodybuilders opt for anabolic steroids such as Dianabol? Since so many of us hate injections, many are pleased to hear that Dbol can be taken in pill form.

What is a Dianabol cycle?

It’s easy to forget the potential side effects of Dianabol, until you experience them. Especially when your eyes are on the prize of cutting fat, increasing your metabolism and feeling and looking stronger.

So, why is it called a Dianabol cycle? Here’s why.

Like any anabolic steroid, they have a huge impact on your overall health. While getting a few pimples may be easy to ignore, severe kidney and liver damage, water retention, reduced natural T production and high blood pressure aren’t so easy to forget about.

‘Cycling’ Dianabol has nothing to do with bicycles – A Dbol cycle involves a 6 to 9 week ‘cycle’ that helps you get stacked, before giving your body a break and going into post cycle therapy (PCT).

No matter the Dbol dosage, it can have a huge impact on your health, why is why Dianabol is cycled, to give your body a break. Typically, these type of powerful steroids reduce your body’s natural production of testosterone, resulting in man boobs (or gynecomastia) in the long run.

While it may be boosting your testosterone during your Dianabol cycle – it can cause long term effects to your testosterone afterwards.

To try avoid these side effects (both short and long term) many bodybuilders opt for a Dbol test cycle – lowering the side effects of a Dbol cycle on its own.

How to take Dianabol

Very few bodybuilders will opt to take a Dianabol cycle on its own, due to its negative side effects. Instead, many prefer Dianabol stacking, to help reduce these side effects and get even more power into their muscle growth.

Since a Dbol dosage is available in pill form, a daily dose can be consumed at once, or staggered into smaller amounts throughout the day. This helps to maintain a consistent level in your system – with many gymgoers opting for two to three smaller doses.

However, we’re not here to recommend the ideal Dbol dosage. This can depend on your workout routine, goals and can have pros and cons from one guy to another.

Due to the toxic effect Dbol can have on your liver, it is recommended that continued use of Dianabol is between 4 and 6 weeks. If you’re a beginner, go for 4 weeks. It is highly recommended you do not exceed the 6 week period, and allow a minimum of 6 weeks post-cycle to allow your liver to recover.

When comes to how to take Dianabol and when, timing your dose around when you eat can also be important. When taken with food, there’s potential for Dbol to have less of an impact. Many claim that taking your Dbol dose on an empty stomach provides the best results.

Dbol dosage

Since a Dianabol cycle is so powerful, even low doses of this anabolic drug can have a huge impact. For example, a low Dbol dosage of 15mg daily can still give great results.

A more common way of carrying out a Dianabol cycle is to gradually increase your Dbol dosage. After the initial two to three weeks, increase the dose to 20 – 30mg each day. However, these doses are not without their side effects. As you raise your dosage of Dianabol, you can expect more pronounced side effects.

Those that are well acquainted with a Dianabol cycle may go as high as 50mg daily. If you’re looking for a big increase in Dianabol, opting for the entire dose makes sense – however, a staggered approach is often the preferred approach.

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If you do decide to dive in head first with the entire Dbol dosage, precautions are greatly required! With most Dianabol pills coming in 5mg, 10mg and 15mg strengths, scheduling smaller doses is done with ease.

There’s a reason why many prefer to stagger their Dbol doses. As an oral anabolic steroid, Dbol works fast but leaves the body just as quickly. In order to maintain consistent levels, multiple smaller doses are the common go-to.

What are popular Dianabol cycles?

Although we’d highly recommend staying away from a Dbol only cycle, it’s not uncommon for bodybuilders to prefer it. Dbol acts as the perfect kick starter compound to gain fast, at the very start of your steroid cycle.

If you feel as though you’ve hit a plateau, Dbol can be a key steroid to allow your body to break through!

But what are other popular cycles involving Dbol? We take a look around to see what’s what.

Dbol only cycle

Dbol dosage: 30 – 50mg daily.

How does a Dianabol cycle work? Well, since it can have a huge impact on your liver, it’s recommended a Dbol cycle lasts somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks. In high dosages, or used for long periods of time, a Dianabol only cycle can be incredibly toxic.

As we covered briefly before now, Dianabol has a somewhat short ‘shelf life’, which is why bodybuilders tend to stagger the dose throughout the day.

Available in 5mg, 10mg and 15mg strengths, splitting your Dbol dosage is made easy.

What results can you expect?

Some men have reported gaining 7 to 15 pounds of lean muscle mass during a Dianabol cycle. It’s important to note that this is lean mass, however. BUT. This is just water. Not muscle, nor fat, although you should be prepared for some fat gain. Take this water away and you’ll be walking away with 7 to 15 pounds of extra muscle.

What are the side effects of Dianabol?

We’ve touched upon this briefly, but it’s important to pay extra attention to Dbol’s side effects as well as muscle gain. Since your natural T production will be depleted, you’re going to need some intense post cycle therapy (PCT) to help regain this huge loss.

The quicker you recover it, the less chance you’ll have of losing those hard-earned gains.

However, here are the main side effects to look out for when using Dbol:

  • Gynecomastia – With a powerful conversion effect, Dbol can lead to gynecomastia issues (man boobs). This side effect can come on pretty quickly, and is often left ignored since your body will be gaining weight. Added signs associated with gyno include sensitivity, itching and tingling. These estrogenic symptoms are typically combatted by aromatase inhibitors or SERMs.
  • Bad cholesterol – Dbol can have a huge impact on lowering your body’s good (HDL) cholesterol and increase bad cholesterol (LDL). When your body has more LDL, your risk of cardiovascular-related conditions is heightened. A healthy diet aims to lower bad cholesterol – so if you’re eating clean, Dbol could be undoing your hard work.
  • High blood pressure – High doses of Dbol (and other anabolic steroids) present a big risk on your blood pressure. With water retention being a common side effect of Dbol, when you retain water, your risk of high blood pressure is also higher. If left, high blood pressure can lead to a stroke or even heart failure.
  • Water retention – Much like those dreaded man boobs, water retention can appear pretty quickly in your Dbol cycle. As we mentioned above, this can lead to high blood pressure as well as causing its own health issues if left.
  • Liver damage – When your Dbol dosage is high, this toxic steroid can pose serious side effects to your liver. If you’re going in at a high dose, you need to be incredibly careful that you’re not putting your liver under too much stress. Avoid all alcohol during your Dbol cycle, to minimize this.
  • Suppressing your natural T production – Within a week of your Dianabol cycle, this heavy steroid can quickly begin to suppress your body’s natural testosterone production. When your body struggles to make its own testosterone post-cycle, you can experience a range of low T symptoms. Some opt for an exogenous testosterone compound alongside their Dbol cycle. Studies have shown that Dbol can lower your natural T levels by 70% during a cycle on a low 15mg dose.

Since these side effects of Dianabol are so prominent, many opt for anti-estrogen drugs while using Dbol. When compared with aromatase inhibitors (AIs), SERMs are typically viewed as the better option.

But which really mitigate better estrogenic effects? In short, AIs do.

However, AIs can have serious complications in regards to your cholesterol. So, when paired with Dbol’s impact on your cholesterol, they’re commonly avoided due to this double risk.

Dbol cycle for beginners

If we’re totally honest, a Dbol cycle is best left to professional bodybuilders. This incredibly powerful anabolic steroid in reality produces temporary gains – making the side effects and results not really worth it.

But how can that be? Well, if your bodybuilding regime dips even slightly, the gains you’ve obtained during your Dbol cycle will be a distant memory.

Nope, we’re not kidding. While it may feel like you’re cheating your way to get shredded, if you don’t maintain them, they’ll be gone in a matter of weeks. It comes as no surprise that beginner bodybuilders feel intrigued by the effects of Dbol, but the many side effects and fading results make them think otherwise.

Dbol dosage for beginners: Pro bodybuilders recommend sticking to the split Dianabol cycle – within 30 to 40mg each day, not going past this point to the full 50mg.

Since Dbol is available in pill form, it’s better to avoid injections altogether or you’re gonna be feeling the pain more than a quick stab in the butt.

Dbol cycle for intermediate users

If you’ve taken Dbol before, you’ll be well aware of the right Dbol dosage and the worrying side effects.

If you’re doing a Dbol-only cycle and you’ve taken Dianabol before, a typical cycle usually looks like this:

Weeks 1 to 2 – 20mg/day

Weeks 3 to 6 – 25mg/day

Dbol cycle for advanced users

Since there are so many risks involved and Dbol requires true dedication to maintain, a Dianabol cycle is best suited to truly advanced bodybuilders.

If you’re seeking to complete a Dbol-only cycle, stick to the split cycle we mentioned earlier. Don’t be tempted into taking the full Dbol dosage before a workout. While it may be tempting to take the entire dose for ultimate gains, your liver is going to take the brunt of it.

Split your damn dose!

Dianabol stacking

In order to try reduce the side effects of Dianabol, many opt for Dianabol stacking. This route involves ‘stacking’ Dbol with another steroid – kickstarting the cycle with Dbol before finishing with another.

Popular Dianabol stacking cycles include Dbol and Testosterone Enanthate and Dbol with Deca-Durabolin. However, you’re going to need a high-cal diet to handle the extra growth associated with a Dbol stack.

Dbol test cycle

Dianabol and testosterone are similar compounds. Since Dbol is a high anabolic steroid, when stacked with another steroid, bodybuilders can experience huge gains.

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However, a Dbol test cycle comes with many pros and cons – much like many Dbol cycles.


A Dbol test cycle will result in lean muscle gains and incredible amounts of size.



Adding testosterone to your Dbol cycle will exacerbate low T levels after your cycle, while also increasing the risk of gynecomastia. If you ask us, the increased risk of man boobs, water retention and depleted testosterone post-cycle just isn’t worth it. We’d always opt for a safe, legal alternative, such as DBULK.

Supporting your health during a Dbol cycle

With the potential for Dianabol to have some seriously scary effects on your liver, many who do choose to use Dbol look for ways to support their health alongside their cycle.

Liver support

Since Dianabol is metabolized by your liver, it can cause a huge amount of strain on the organ. Most users of Dbol will notice liver enzymes regulating themselves post-cycle, however, choose to support their liver during a cycle with:

TUDCA – 500mg/day

This liver support supplement is pretty common in the bodybuilding world to minimize the effects of Dbol on the liver.


Post cycle therapy (or PCT) is crucial for encouraging your body’s natural production of testosterone. Since Dbol can impact your natural T levels pretty significantly, a Dbol cycle should always be followed with PCT:

HCG – 2000 IU administered every other day for 20 days

This cycle should begin as soon as Dbol has left your system, around 33 hours after your last dose. If you don’t complete a PCT, your T levels will cease, resulting in low mood, fatigue, lack of libido and poor sexual performance.

Estrogen control

  • Nolvadex — 10-30mg/day


  • Clomid — 50-100mg/day

Since Dbol has the ability to cause water retention, bloating and dreaded man boobs, many bodybuilders choose to take an aromatase inhibitor or a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator).

SERMs work to block estrogen levels in breast tissue, reducing the risk of man boobs. Tamoxifen (nolvadex) or clomiphene (clomid) can be used to combat this common side effect.

Blood pressure reduction

Taking fish oil (3g/daily) can help to reduce blood pressure caused by a Dianabol cycle. Since Dbol can increase LDL cholesterol and lower HDL (good) cholesterol, these effects can result in a spike in blood pressure.

The importance of Dbol post cycle therapy

After your Dbol cycle, it’s crucial to switch to post cycle therapy (PCT). The reason for this is that a Dianabol cycle will deplete your natural testosterone, and these PCT drugs help to restore natural testosterone production.

The common route is the use of SERMs – Nolvadex and Clomid. The goal of PCT is to boost your T production, allowing your body to gradually build up to normal production of this critical hormone.

However, it can take several months to get your body back to a natural level of testosterone, since a Dbol cycle and other steroid cycles can significantly impact your natural T.

Get stacked without the side effects, with DBULK

While the benefits of Dianabol might be tempting, do you really want to impact your overall health, liver, kidneys and potentially go bald and develop moobs? I thought not.

Anabolic steroids such as Dianabol have many, many side effects, making those potential gains not worth the risk. At the end of the day, Dianabol is illegal, unsafe and a huge risk to your general health.

Why not consider a 100% safe, natural, and legal alternative? Enter DBULK.

DBULK has been cleverly formulated to mirror the effects of Dianabol, without the horrendous side effects. Get ready to speed up muscle recovery, build muscle fast and push more weight with DBULK.

It’s time to get STACKED!

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The Brutal Force Team

The Brutal Force Team

We research and write articles about health, fitness and dieting. Each of our articles includes sources from scientific studies where possible.