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Bodybuilding tips backed by science

For every guy offering body builder tips, there’s another raving on Instagram about the latest way to get hench. The trouble is, there are so many bodybuilding tips and tricks that it becomes so confusing knowing what to follow.

Enter: Science.

Yep, these tips for bodybuilding are scientifically backed, so you can rest assured you’ll be blowing up your muscle growth, not sabotaging it.

Three key factors that affect muscle growth

Before we dive into the best bodybuilding tips to maximize your time in the gym, let’s explore the three key factors that affect your gains.

According to recent research, there are three primary triggers for increasing lean muscle mass.

Mechanical tension

Lifting easy weights in the gym won’t help you get the gains you strive for. In fact, your muscles need to overcome a resistance in order to grow. The harder you need to contract them, the greater the mechanical tension.

Mechanical tensions works by disturbing the integrity of a muscle, triggering muscle growth. But it’s not just about getting bigger, but also stronger and more powerful. The heavier you can lift – and lift well – the more tension you produce, resulting in BIG gains.

Micro-trauma muscle damage

When we talk about muscle damage, I’m certainly not recommending you hit the gym and cause yourself injury. However, micro-trauma to your muscles and connective tissue triggers the production of new muscle cells – stimulating muscle growth.

Pumping out a load of bicep curls may feel like the right route to bulk up your arms, however, many bodybuilders don’t realise that the lowering phase of a bicep curl produces greater micro-trauma than the lift itself.

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Metabolic stress

Research has shown that metabolic stress is a powerful stimulus for muscle growth. So the next time you’re running up a flight of stairs and really feeling the burn, make the most of it!

High-intensity exercise that causes that familiar muscle burn can help maximize your gains.

Our top 8 bodybuilding tips and tricks

Utilizing the three body builder tips above will set you on the right track for maximizing muscle growth. But it doesn’t end there.

So, what the best bodybuilding tips and tricks to get BIG? What are the best ways to create stress, tension and micro-trauma in your muscles? How do they work together to earn your lean muscle mass? There are just so many questions.

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Of course, the experts don’t always know it all. However, they know enough to help you build muscle the right way. Whether you’re a bodybuilding rookie or a seasoned pro, here’s how to hit that sweet spot.

1. Challenge your muscles

When you’re doing the same workout, same reps and same exercises, your bodybuilding results are gonna be… Well, the same. There’s no way you’ll enter the realm of serious muscle growth without challenging your muscles in new ways.

Here’s one of the most obvious, yet best bodybuilding tips around: Progressive overload. Yep, I’m talking about regularly increasing the challenge you put on your muscles.

Lifting heavier over time is one approach to overload, according to studies, but there are other bodybuilding tricks to explore:

  • Doing more reps
  • Lift slower (or faster)
  • Reduce rest time between sets
  • Switch up your grip (from underhand to overhand)
  • Incorporate tougher variations of exercises

Whichever way you look at it, in order to maximize your bodybuilding results, you need to up your game. Whether it’s switching up your grip, slowing down your lifts or reducing rest time.

These small changes will build up – so be patient.

2. Do several sets

Easily one of the best tips for bodybuilding, doing multiple sets is going to earn you more muscle.

According to studies, a comparison of lifters completing one set per exercise and those performing 3 to 5 revealed that several sits is the route to gains.

3. Go beyond the hypertrophy rep range

For years, some of the best bodybuilding tips lists have stated that your workouts should focus on the “hypertrophy rep range” of around 8 to 12 reps in each set. However, researchers have found another way to approach your weight training.

During their research, they found very little difference between lifters working in the hypertrophy range and those lifting a little lighter at 20 to 25 reps.

So what’s the best approach? Hit your training from both sides. Optimize your lifts with a variety of rep ranges, allowing you to nail your smaller type I muscle fibers.

4. Do full-body workouts and splits

When it comes to bodybuilding tips and tricks, this one has long been up for debate. Many lifters believe that full-body workouts deliver greater bodybuilding results, since they work more muscles more often.

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Meanwhile, other serious lifters are set in their ways that focusing on 1 to 2 body parts during your weekly workouts leads to greater gains.

So what does the research say? Do both. Try to approach your training from both angles, dong a week

5. Rest for longer

Usually, one of the most popular bodybuilding tricks is to reduce resting times. However, this may no longer be the best technique. Yep, that’s right – pumping away in the gym with minimal rest may be on many body builder tips lists, but research says otherwise.

Some of the latest research shows that longer rest periods ( 2 to 3 minutes) between isolation exercises and compound moves may further your bodybuilding results.

Don’t get me wrong, small rest periods still have their place, especially if you’re trying to cut fat. However, longer rest times allow you to perform more reps with greater volume over time resulting in even BIGGER gains.

6. Don’t lift to complete failure

Although tempting, training to complete failure isn’t a necessary ‘bodybuilder tip’ for increasing muscle mass. Plus, it can be pretty risky, since it can be easy to injure yourself.

Instead, keep a rep or two in the tank. Lift to volitional or technical failure, in the last set or two of an exercise.

7. Switch things up

We’re all different, which is why not all tips for bodybuilding will work for everyone. This is because studies can rarely account for individual variation since it can be considerable, as they work on a large pool of bodybuilders.

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For the best bodybuilding results, try to experiment with your workouts to find what works best for you.

8. Use Brutal Force

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The Brutal Force Team

We research and write articles about health, fitness and dieting. Each of our articles includes sources from scientific studies where possible.






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The Brutal Force Team

The Brutal Force Team

We research and write articles about health, fitness and dieting. Each of our articles includes sources from scientific studies where possible.